Creative Interiors by Audrey Inc. | Fluffing up an empty nest
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Fluffing up an empty nest

About This Project

When children head off to university, the parents often look around their home and say: time to renovate! It is so much easier when there are fewer people living in the home to have construction happen. This hard working couple decided to open up the wall between the family room and the kitchen, which lead to the laundry room being included in the renovation as well. The main question the I ask homeowners is: how long are you planning to stay in the home, if they answer at least 10 more years, then the renovation is done to suit their life style and needs, not what some future buyer night like. When redesigning a kitchen, I love to incorporate wall ovens and a cooktop into the design, for ease of use- no more bending to get something out of the oven!

Fireplace, Kitchen