Creative Interiors by Audrey Inc. | All smiles with new kitchen
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All smiles with new kitchen

About This Project

This kitchen was dated and so poorly designed, there were corner cabinets that could not be reached, very little counter space, and even the light switch had to be cut in a funny manner because the doorway was in the wrong spot. The floor tile was laid on top of the old vinyl and they did not lift the cabinets or dishwasher, a poor installation to say the least. The tiny orange mosaic backsplash left something to be desired, and the room was quite dark.

Luckily for me, the clients wanted a nice clean design, and let me “have my way” with their kitchen. The results speak for themselves. A custom eating area was created beside the fireplace, with upholstered, comfy barstools, and a small TV, this area will double as a bar when the clients have parties. The fireplace was partially covered to minimize the amount of brick, and to create a mantle that was substantial. Artwork was purchased by the homeowners while cottaging, and really helps to tie the room together – yes, a text message with photos of artwork asking for approval prior to purchasing is a perfectly good way to communicate with your decorator.

The wall of cabinetry was changed in the following way: We moved the doorway that leads into the dining room by 8″, so that we could install full sized cabinets on both walls of the kitchen. The stove was relocated, with a new microwave range hood that now vents to the outside. The bulkheads were removed so that we could maximize storage, upper shelves holding items that are only used occasionally. By keeping the backsplash neutral and in a simple subway style, and in the same tone as the cabinets the kitchen looks much larger. The amount of counter space has doubled, even though the room size stayed the same. A new tile floor continues into the main hallway and powderroom to give consistency of colour and tone. Both the dog and the cat approve of the new layout, and love having their beds in front of the fireplace, and the homeowners love it as well.